Теракт в Ницце (Фото) |

Теракт в Ницце (Фото)

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Жуткий теракт в фотографиях, без комментариев

Terror attack: At least 84 people were killed and dozens more critically injured last night when a terrorist killer, named locally as Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, drove this truck, riddled with bullets, through crowds celebrating Bastille day in Nice

Horrifying: Police and forensics teams inspect bodies in the French sunshine where at least ten died - many of them in buggies left abandoned today

Forensics experts evacuate a dead body on the Promenade des Anglais seafront in the French Riviera town of Nice


Bereft: A shocked woman in yellow sits on the phone next to the body of a loved-one, surrounded by debris,  as ISIS terrorists again struck in France, this time on Bastille Day, killing at least 84 

Alone: A man sits in silence and clasps his hands while sitting at the head of a body killed in Frances third major terrorist attack in 18 months

Shootout: After zig-zagging through crowds the terrorist leapt out of his bullet-ridden lorry and fired on crowds before a police marksman shot him dead 

Fight for life: An injured young woman wounded in the terror attack is treated in the street by a paramedic as dozens more fight for their lives today

A childs doll lies on the street beside the body of a young girl who was killed in last nights attack in Nice in the south of France

Monstrous act: A man lies next to a body, with his head in his hands, as he tries to come to terms with the horror of what happened

Armed police took up positions during the attack fearing there were additional terrorists in the area as the perpetrator was shot dead 

Death toll: At least ten people lie dead on a short stretch of road where the lorry flew through crowds in Nice, killing families on a national holiday

Emergency services work to save the dead and injured on pavements along the mile-long stretch of road in Nice 

Overwhelmed: Paramedics help a stricken victim on the left side of the picture, on the right hand side a man crouches, clearly in tears over the body of a victim

Makeshift: As the death toll rose bodies were left were they were hit or shot and were covered in blankets and often weighed down with whatever was available including rocks from the beach

Stunned survivors stood just feet away from from the bodies of five people who were run over next to HiBeach in Nice, pictured 

Investigation: Police in France are now treating this as a terrorist attack and have admitted the killer was known to them and is believed to be from Nice via Tunisia

Horror: Witnesses described seeing bodies of the dead being sent flying in all directions or being jammed under the wheels of the lorry

Terrible: One of the dozens of people killed by the killer lorry driver lies covered on the pavement with her handbag still next to her

In shock: Three survivors of the terror attack cling to one another as they try to come to terms with what happened and pass the body of someone whose life was taken

Grief: A woman sobs into her hands while another man holds on to the body of someone killed by the ISIS terrorist

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