39-летняя домохозяйка копит на четвертую пластику груди, а ее детей дразнят за откровенные фото матери


39-летняя Аманда Лав из Шотландии не жалеет денег на пластические операции и стремится выглядеть как кукла Барби. Домохозяйка и мать четверых детей потратила на свое пристрастие уже 200 тысяч фунтов стерлингов (244 тысячи долларов) и не планирует останавливаться: сейчас она копит деньги, чтобы еще немного увеличить свою и без того объемную грудь, размер чашки для которой — H.

Amanda Love, 39, a stay at home mother from Cumbernauld, Scotland, is obsessed with looking plastic and has had three boob jobs

Amanda Love with daughters Logan, 14, and Tegan, 18, at home. Tegan says that people often mistake her and her mothers for sisters

Amanda as a teenager. As a child she used to play with Barbie and considered Pamela Anderson on Baywatch to be an idol


Looking significantly younger than her 39 years, its hard to believe married Amanda is mother to four children - Tegan, 18, from a previous relationship, and Logan, 14, Cruz, seven and one-year-old Cash with her second husband crane operator Paul Sweeney

When Amanda met her second husband Paul, she hadt had any surgery at all

Amanda spends £11,500 a year on her beauty regime. She gets a blow dry once a week and her nails done every two week

After their daughter Tegan was born, Amanda returned home to introduce the newest member of the family to her parents and brother. Ultimately the relationship broke down with Amanda choosing to stay in the UK with the family she had missed so much while in the US

Amanda started working in her mums canteen despite lacking cooking skills. After serving one of the regulars, Paul, a still-frozen hash brown, he joked hed forgive her if she would go out with him

The pairs instant chemistry saw them dating almost immediately and after just three months together Amanda revealed her boob job plans to Paul

Amanda before her surgery. Although Paul loved her before she altered her appearance, he used to have pictures of glamour models on his wall so was really into her transformation

Amanda has returned to her modeling roots to raise money for yet another boob job

Shes amassed thousands of followers on Instagram by dressing up in PVC and lingerie - with Paul frequently taking the photos

Older daughter Tegan is reluctant for her mum to have yet more surgery, and doesnt think that she needs to get anything done


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