Такого откровенного наряда от 17 летней Кайли Дженнер никто не ожидал (Фото) |

Такого откровенного наряда от 17 летней Кайли Дженнер никто не ожидал (Фото)

Написал , 26 июня 2015 | Комментариев нет

Кайли Дженнер опять переплюнула всех свои сестричек, такого откровенного наряда себе еще не позволяла ни одна из них.


Stunning relatives: Kris, meanwhile, looked impeccable in a very low-plunging dove grey dress as she posed with her youngest daughter

Leggy display: Thanks to the very transparent fabric of Kylies skirt, she was able to show off her long pins

Sorting out the locks: While posing for snaps, Kylie made sure her glossy raven tresses behaved

Professionals: The reality TV family members were completely at ease as they were interviewed 

Getting ready for the night: Kylie shared a snap of her striking outfit - complete with a sheer skirt - as she prepared for an evening on the MailOnline yacht during the Cannes Lions festival

Proud mama: Kylie was watched by her mother Kris as she did some interviews before making her way on to the yacht

Wow factor: Kris looked gorgeous in a flowing dove grey gown as she arrived at the MailOnline yacht party at the Cannes Lions festival with daughter Kylie on Wednesday evening

Family: Kris wowed in her plunging dress as she posed with Kylie, 17, rapper Tyga and her boyfriend Corey Gamble (far left)

Dressed to impress: Both Kris and her youngest daughter went for eye-catching looks for the star-studded bash

Staying connected? Kylie made sure she had her most important accessory - her phone - on her person while inside the yacht



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