Рианна вышла на прогулку в прозрачном лифчике и пижаме (Фото 16+) |

Рианна вышла на прогулку в прозрачном лифчике и пижаме (Фото 16+)

Написал , 20 июля 2015 | Комментариев нет

То ли Рианна лунатик и она была не в курсе, что гуляет во сне, то ли у нее окончательно поехала крыша раз она решила в таком виде показаться на людях.


The stunning pop superstar, 27, appeared to be dressed for bed as she arrived for a stint in front of the mic at 3.30am

Stepping out of the New York-based studio in the early hours, she shocked onlookers by sporting a see-through bra under silky pink pjyamas

Just in case passers-by didnt realise who she was as she made her way across the road, she wore a necklace with her surname Fenty on it.

Drink up: The star carried a beverage into the studio as she prepared to work on her new album R8, her first in three years

The Bodyguard: Guiding her into the studio was a beefy security guard, who seemingly chose to match his charge by wearing a pink polo shirt

Perfectionist: The late night session comes amid reports the singer is not satisfied with the sound on her upcoming seventh album R8, her first record in since 2012s Unapologetic



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